The Nokia N90 is still a very capable camera phone

With the new Nokia N93 camera phone shipping now people may immediately choose this device over the N90 that it replaces. However, a closer look at both devices shows the N90 still has some advantages and may work better for some people while selling at a lower cost.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Last week I posted a bit of news on the now shipping Nokia N93 and stated that I may be on the hunt for this multimedia powerhouse. My enthusiasm was quenched a bit after reading the All About Symbian Nokia N90 vs N93 comparison that detailed a couple of specifications and features I was unaware of in the N93.

The N93 has a 240x320 display compared to the N90's 352x416 pixels display. I love the high resolution on the N90 I have and assumed the N93 would use the same display. The N93 has 18MB free RAM compared to 20MB on the N90. This isn't a large difference, but I expected the newer device to improve and maybe even double the available RAM as I have seen memory errors on the N90 before when trying to do too much at once. I also didn't realize that the camera barrel does not swivel on the N93 like it does on the N90 so the device is restricted in the recording and photo shooting positions. I actually rotate the barrel quite a bit on the N90 and like this functionality.

The Nokia N93 does take video at 30fps compared to 15fps, it does have integrated WiFi, the camera was improved to 3.2 megapixels along with 3x optical zoom, and I like the new use of the more standard miniSD expansion card format. If photo and video quality is very important to you then it does look like the N93 is the preferred choice, but if you want something a bit smaller with flexible photo shooting modes that is available now for a couple hundred dollars less then the Nokia N90 is still a great choice. I've been using the N90 a lot lately to take photos and video of my family's boating fun and I love the camera performance of the device.

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