The Pirate Bay’s domain hopping tour takes it to Peru's .pe

After two brief stop overs in domain space controlled by tiny islands, The Pirate Bay has docked in Peru.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Seemingly always on the run, The Pirate Bay's latest stop in search of safe harbour is inside Peru's top level domain space.

The Pirate Bay, now operating from thepiratebay.pe, has arrived in Peru after a brief moment last week as thepiratebay.ac — .ac being the country code top level domain (TLD) of the Ascension Islands, which is British territory.

The .ac stopover en route to Peru followed the seizure of the torrent site's domain at the .sx TLD of Sint Maarten, a sovereign state of the Netherlands. The seizure of its .sx domain was the result of several take down requests from Netherlands-based anti-piracy outfit BREIN, which has had some success in having the nation's ISPs block access to the site in the country. 

As noted by TorrentFreak, the move to the Ascension Islands was only ever intended to be temporary since the area's ties to the UK could potentially lead to similar problems to those it encountered when sojourning on Sint Maarten's .sx.

The group's recent moves in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea follow several shifts within Europe earlier this year triggered by fears its Swedish .se domain could be under threat. The Pirate Bay then gained a .ge Greenland domain name, and later moved to Iceland before ending up in Sint Maarten in April.

Ultimately, the Pirate Bay is aiming to become a more decentralised service, which it's hoping to achieve with the launch of its Tor-based PirateBrowser.

A spokesperson for The Pirate Bay told TorrentFreak the browser will make domains "irrelevant" with its peer-to-peer operation solving its long-running problems with centrally authorised domain seizures.

The browser, which is still under development, will be available as standalone software and as plugins for Firefox and Chrome.

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