The top ten offices you wish you worked in

Forget plants and grey -- perhaps slides and subways are the way to keep your employees interested.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Offices decorated in dull grey and beige tones are a common sight in many workplaces across the globe, but some employers do not believe that the safe-and-professional look is the best way to encourage and keep employees creative.

From office hallways decked out to represent New York subways to Google's use of slides or touchscreen tables that reflects a tech firm's research and development, ten companies below compiled by employer review site Glassdoor have some of the most interesting work environments.

1. Epic, Verona, Wis.: Going beyond office hallways decorated with plants and water coolers, this firm's offices instead look like the New York subway.

2. Google: Long-known for its unusual methods of retaining staff -- from on-site daycare to gourmet food and establishing a department with the sole purpose of making employees happier, the tech giant's offices also include slides. Who uses the stairs these days anyway?

3. Microsoft: Large touchscreen tablet tables remind us that even though the Surface isn't as popular as expected, the tech giant still plans on increasing its market share in the industry.

4. Infosys: On your lunch break, head to the bowling alley.

5. Box, Palo Alto, Calif.: A playful design in Box's offices include a layout complete with swings.

6. Facebook: It's not just about social media, why not take a break in the firm's video game room?

7. Groupon: A little less obvious than video games and swings, but Groupon reflects a modern, high-paced image with bright colors and sharp, clean design.

8. Edelman, Chicago, Ill:Public relations firm Edelman keeps its image bright, modern and multinational.

9. Autodesk: Architecturally interesting spaces seem a world away from the traditional, isolating cubicle office design.

10. HUMAN Healthy Vending: First impressions count, as Healthy Vending's reception area demonstrates.

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