The Twitter roundup: Over 100 resources, tools and tricks

A collection of online resources for teachers, students, businesses and individuals using Twitter.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
Twitter can be a valuable tool for businesses, students, teachers and individuals alike. However, finding resources and services to fully exploit the potential of the social networking site can be a task; especially if you're just starting out. So, here is a directory of valuable resources -- from Twitter clients to lesson plans, language learning to comedy.

Generally useful resources:

1.) The A-Z Dictionary of Twitter Hashtags. 2.) Twtpoll: Engage followers, ask questions, get feedback. 3.) Trends Map: Twitter trends across the globe. 4.) A world of tweets: Who is tweeting, and where? 5.) PostPost: Your personal Twitter timeline search engine. 6.) Tweet Backup: Follow them for a free backup service. 7.) The ultimate guide to Twitter curation. 8.) 5 ways to use Twitter more effectively. 9.) 5 reasons why Twitter is not a waste of time. 10.) Birdbrain: Good for follower and status analytics.

Social media clients:

1.) Hootsuite: A dashboard for social media and RSS feeds. 2.) Scopy: For photo loving Twitter users. 3.) Tweetbot: A Twitter client 'with personality'. 4.) Tweetr: Interface for iPhone. 5.) Tweetdeck: Another popular console.


1.) Twitcam: Share live streams. 2.) Twileshare: Share files. 3.) Twitvid: Share video. 4.) img.ly: Photo sharing service. 5.) Twitpic: Photo and video sharing.

Lesson resources:

1.) 35 ways to use Twitter in the classroom 2) Historical Tweets 3.) Can Twitter be of use to academics? 4.) 25 ways to use Twitter in the classroom. Ranked by difficulty. 5.) A fake Powerpoint Twitter page. (Download, TES) 6.) Twitter for Academia. 7.) Is Twitter a snark valve? 8.) Using Twitter to retain knowledge. 9.) The ultimate Twitter guide for teachers. 10.) Reflections on the Twitter-enabled backchannel.

Twitter for students:

1.) Tweetmeme: Top Twitter trends. 2.) How to use Twitter without losing your mind. 3.) 7 tips: Twitter as a research tool. 4.) Twittytunes: Tweet your music list. 5.) Hashtags.org: Search and track trends by hashtag. 6.) Twitter for Law students. 7.) Remember the milk: Reminder service. 8.) Twitter for engineering students. 9.) How to cite tweets in academia. 10.) How to use Twitter to learn a new language.

Top Twitter apps and services:

1.) Sleeping time: When do your followers sleep? 2.) Timehop: Are you interested in your past tweets? 3.) Proxlet: Fight Twitter spam, mute users, block apps 4.) Portwiture: Your status updates in images. 5.) Check out nearby tweets. 6.) Socialmention: A real-time search for trends and mentions. 7.) Socialbro: See how you're talked about across social media platforms. 8.) TweetMeme: What are the hottest trends? 9.) TweetChat: Talk in real-time using hashtags. 10.) TwitBlock: Find spam followers and bin them. 11.) Shuush: Updates based on your follower's tweet frequencies. 12.) Who tweeted me?: Retweet analytics. 13.) Twitterfeed: Feed your status updates to a website. 14.) Flipboard: Turning social media updates into a magazine. 15.) Just Tweet it: A directory separated by interests.

Ten interesting accounts to follow:

1.) 2012twit. Follow all the U.S. election news and updates. 2.) The Queen. The UK's beloved sovereign dictates when it is time for Gin O'clock. 3.) Rupert Murdoch. A dose of controversy with the morning coffee. 4.) All Things IT. A bot dedicated to technology and computing. 5.) Barack Obama. The U.S. President's account. 6.) Chris Luzader, Techzader. An interesting Twitter feed for tech fans. 7.) The Onion. Satirical news and updates. 8.) Weird News. Everything off-beat and odd can be found here. 9.) Caprice Crane. Novelist, amusing updates. 10.) Fake Charlie Whiting. Satire for sports fans.

Tips and tricks:

1.) How to schedule your tweets 2.) How to clean up your Twitter stream 3.) How to use Twitter on your iPad 4.) 10 simple guidelines for doing well on Twitter 5.) How to maintain personal privacy on Twitter 6.) How many Twitter lists are you on? 7.) How to remove yourself from Twitter lists 8.) How to add symbols to your Tweets. 9.) 10 tips for 'power retweets' on Twitter 10.) How to get people to click on your Tweets.

Twitter for businesses:

1.) Ten social networking mistakes 2.) Seven business lessons learned from Twitter 3.) Twitter: Sparking innovation 4.) 5 common mistakes in Google SEO 5.) What businesses should really do on Twitter 6.) How to use Twitter trends to generate blog topics. 7.) The rise of the Twitter teenager. 8.) Next-gen consumers: Bringing companies to their knees. 9.) How social listening serves customers.. and saves lives. 10.) Twitter for business. Official site.

Articles of interest:

1.) Stalker's delight? Experiment shows how Twitter makes you easy prey. 2.) How to build trust among your Twitter followers 3.) Should we care about grammar and spelling mistakes on Twitter? 4.) 20 reasons you hate Twitter.. and what to do about it. 5.) 15 most annoying types of Twitter users 6.) Why you won't be taken seriously using the 'egg' 7.) Tweeting the old-fashioned way 8.) How a would-be spy uses Twitter to attack the CIA. 9.) The world of social media arrests and prosecutions. 10.) Twitter's forgotten Cofounder.

For your amusement:

1.) The first 30 tweets ever sent. 2.) Tweetsheet: Your activity as an infographic. 3.) Tori's eye: An origami representation of tweets. 4.) Foodfeed: It's important to let everyone know exactly what you're eating.. 5.) Portwiture: Your Twitter feed in photos. 6.) How would the Founding Fathers have used Twitter? 7.) How many Tweets does it take to date a porn star? 8.) How to torture your Twitter followers. 9.) Foamee: Who do you owe coffee or beer to on Twitter? 10.) Favstar: The day's amusing messages. Image credit: C.Osborne/ZDNet Related:

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