The wristwatch of the future, from a company you've never heard of

It makes phone calls, sends social media messages and snaps 5-megapixel pictures.

"I said be careful, his wristwatch is really a camera."  (Is that why the screen is blank?) The Omate TrueSmart.


Not long ago, many of us were bemused as cellphone makers started putting cameras in their voice and text gadgets.

"Why would anyone want that?" we wondered. The answer turned out to be: "Don't be so stupid. Just about everyone will want one and they'll be so popular they'll wreak havoc on the traditional camera business."

Is the same thing about to happen again with wristwatches? I don't really see the appeal of a 5-megapixel camera wrapped around the end of my arm at the base of my hand, so I guess I'm not a candidate for a new watch called TrueSmart.

Not only does TrueSmart take pictures, but it also makes phone calls and sends social media messages on its own, without tethering to separate devices like other "smartwatches" have to do, according to the BBC.

So who makes this must-have item? You're probably rounding up the usual suspects for your answer: Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, et al.

Wrong! It's Omate, based in New York City. Never heard of 'em? Look 'em up - on your watch.

Photo is a screen grab from the Omate website.

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