These are a few of my favourite things...

All Linux and Ubuntu related, of course. And all free, of course.
Written by Jake Rayson Rayson, Contributor

All Linux and Ubuntu related, of course. And all free, of course.

Gnome Do: Miraculous quick app starter, a la QuickSilver. Alternatively, you can call it an Intelligent Launcher Tool.

PureData: This is the bomb for creating your own audio and visual applications. It rocks more than Stonehenge!

Inkscape: Classy drawing program, fantastic for logos and posters.

The Gimp: Photoshop® for the masses (as in a few hundred quid cheaper ie Free). All new version 2.6 now comes with more Window™-esque windows, so easier for newbies.

Scribus: I haven't done much in the way of print of late, but if I do, this is the program I use. The functinality is equivalent to Quark 3.11, if not actually better! Runs on Windows as well.

Filezilla: My GUI FTP client of choice, still not magnificent but it does the job on the tin.

Transmission: Slick, cross-platform Bittorrent client

Pidgin: Do you have any friends? Online? If so, chat to them in Pidgin! Supports most chat protocols such as MSN, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber (Google) etc.

Freemind: Very easy to use brain-storming tool which I use for creating and exporting site maps. Also is cross-platform.

Geany: It's what I use for writing all my text in. Based on the venerable Scintilla text engine, the same one that the free Windows text editor Notepad++ uses.

Thunderbird: My email client of choice, cross-platform, supports off-line IMAP. Which is cool Honestly.

Firefox + extensions: We love Firefox! And all it's extensions.

Grsync: Do you need to sync and backup files? Then use this!

KeePassX: Do you want to keep your passwords secure and in one place? KeePassX does the job!

Audacity: Audio wave editor, simple, multi-channel, free. Magnificent.

gparted: Sorts out partitioning and formatting of disks.

USB Imagewriter: Writes a disk image to a USB flash drive. I've used it for installing Ubuntu onto my Acer Aspire One.

Hamster: An applet time tracker, both easy to use and useful.

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