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These AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner courses are 59% off for a limited time

BitDegree is an online learning platform that offers interactive courses for digital skills, and it's currently offering 8 hours of study material on AWS.

Cloud computing has enjoyed steady adoption since its inception, but the COVID-19 pandemic drove an unprecedented number of companies in this direction, with AWS, in particular, taking much of the market share. That enormous rate of adoption has opened up thousands of opportunities for IT professionals that are AWS certified. 

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If you work in IT and are looking for a meaningful way to learn new skills and boost your earning potential, you may want to work towards AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner -- Amazon's foundational certification -- and BitDegree offers all the knowledge you need to get there for $79.99. 

This bundle contains over eight hours of study material and 10 practice exams that will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exams. These courses are hosted by BitDegree, an online learning platform that delivers interactive courses filled with up-to-date content. Their catalog covers a wide gamut of digital skills, ranging from game design to blockchain development. 

BitDegree Academy is led by the company's in-house course creators who specialize in complete AWS so that learners can gain the skills they need to become cloud specialists. Their AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner courses feature 191 lessons that you can study at your own pace and access at any time. Each course is designed for absolute beginners, so won't be thrown into content that's too advanced. 

These courses will get you acquainted with cloud concepts, security, and technology. For example, you'll discover cloud architecture design principles and AWS's value proposition. You'll also learn about AWS's global infrastructure, core services, account structures, and much more.

Cloud services totally transformed the IT industry, and preparing for the AWS certification exams with BitDegree can be your first step towards a lucrative career in IT. These BitDegree Academy courses are normally $199, but you can grab them all right now for just $79.99. That's a 59% discount.