These last four years have been wild. Here's to another four

After four years leading the fabulous editorial team at SmartPlanet, I'm moving on. Here are your new captains.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

SmartPlanet readers:

After four wonderful years leading the editorial efforts of this publication, I'm moving on. (I'm headed to Fortune magazine.)

It's incredible to me what we've accomplished here at SmartPlanet over the last four years. We launched in June 2009 as a modest group of bloggers writing about innovation. Then we grew exponentially to cover a broad collection of fascinating topics, from energy to design to urban architecture. Then we further professionalized, moving from an all-blog format to one where we assigned out all-original work. (Did you know that we were commissioning up to 44 reported pieces per month? It's true!) And we're about to make a massive leap forward once again -- later this month, with fingers crossed -- that will finally give that all-original work a proper venue, while still allowing the news desk to hum along as it always has.

I'd like to take a moment and recognize some of the people who have worked on this site over the years -- people who perhaps were less visible to you but integral to SmartPlanet's existence today.

Thanks to Doug Llewellyn for championing the cause in the early days; thanks to Georgina Kennedy, David Slade, Julie McCracken and Estee Dechter for keeping the site fresh in the ensuing years. Thanks to Tammy Cavadias for tirelessly working through the unending torrent of spam comments, and thanks to Marianne Wilman and her crack team of video superstars for winning this site its first major awards with delightful video shorts. I can't forget designers Marc Mendell, Sean Enzwiler and Andy Ballagh, all of whom have bestowed upon this site a cohesive visual language. And perhaps most of all, the many engineers -- most recently Jeremy Lwanga, Stephen Peery and Thomas Browne, but there are so many more around the world, too many to list here -- who have lent their talents to this site's infrastructure.

Foremost for me, thank you to editor-in-chief Larry Dignan, who gave me plenty of runway to run the editorial on this site as I saw fit. It's a rare and cherished opportunity.

I'm thrilled to leave SmartPlanet in the hands of four talented editors.

Aly Windsor, who has edited our newsletters and the rambling "The Bulletin" section, will serve as News Editor.

Laura Shin, who has edited the Global Observer and Pure Genius sections, will serve as Features Editor.

Heather Clancy will continue to edit The Report, The Take and The Word sections as a Section Editor.

Adrienne Lewin will continue to edit The Big Story and Business Brains sections as a Section Editor.

(Larry Dignan will continue to serve as editor-in-chief.)

I can't urge you enough to stay tuned; the tremendous changes that SmartPlanet is about to undertake have been in the works for more than a year, and I'm just as excited as anyone to see them come to life.

SmartPlanet today is better than it ever has been, and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

Over and out.

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