These Oura Ring updates are all-in on women's health

Cycle insights and detailed reports are coming to Oura Ring in the next few weeks.
Written by Nina Raemont, Associate Editor
Oura ring
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Three new Oura Ring features dedicated to women's health are coming soon. The three new updates -- cycle insights, cycle insights reports, and cycle awareness readiness -- aim to promote body literacy among women. Expect them to arrive on your Oura app in the next few weeks, according to the company. 

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Oura is updating its Cycle Insights feature with more information on the regularity of users' cycles, the typical length, and period length. In tandem with the insight updates, there will also be a comprehensive cycle insight report that members can access. The report, designed with members of Oura's Medical Advisory Board, will include cycle length, period length, temperature variation, cycle variability, and other useful metrics to understand the menstrual cycle. 

Lastly, Oura is rolling out a Cycle Awareness Readiness Score feature. Oura users already get readiness scores when they wake up. These scores measure overnight resting heart rate, body temperature, physical activity, sleep, and heart rate variability. The scores give users a helpful way to gauge their energy bandwidth for the day. The Cycle Awareness Readiness Score documents changes throughout your menstrual cycle, such as heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and HRV, to calculate your overall wellness during your cycle. 

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The updates will be used in a new study in collaboration with period-tracking app Clue and University of California, Berkeley researchers. The study will examine the stages of perimenopause and menopause to understand the physiological transitions women experience during these two stages. 

By leveraging cycle data, surveys, Clue symptom tracking, and other data from Oura, the study will help to quantify when someone is entering perimenopause and how far they are into the stage, according to the Oura press release. 

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The study aims to counteract a "concerning" trend in research of excluding menopausal women from studies, resulting in scarce scientific knowledge on this stage of women's lives and a lack of body literacy among women. 

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