This AI-powered ring wraps ChatGPT around your finger. You can pre-order it now

The WIZPR ring won a CES 2024 Innovation Award and is now launching for pre-orders on Kickstarter.
Written by Maria Diaz, Staff Writer
The AI-powered WIZPR smart ring

Have you ever wanted AI at the tip of your fingers? One company is promising to do just that –- sort of. VTouch is launching a Kickstarter campaign for WIZPR, its AI-powered smart ring that lets wearers talk to their favorite AI assistant by whispering into the device. 

The WIZPR ring is meant to wake automatically when you bring your hand to your mouth; there is no need to use a wake word or press any buttons. Built to respond to close-range speech, the WIZPR ring is designed to listen to whispers and normal-volume voices speaking nearby, and the wearer can hear the AI's responses via a connected pair of wireless earphones. 

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VTouch promises WIZPR will feature integrations with different AI tools, which you'll be able to set up using the ring's smartphone app. You'll then be able to access ChatGPT, Gemini, and other AI bots by just talking to the ring on your finger. WIZPR can also let you access smart home devices, mobile calendars, text messages, and other services using your voice – without touching your phone or using a wake word.

"AI-based conversational computing is expected to be the next big thing that goes beyond the limitations of 'graphical user interfaces' such as PCs and smartphones," VTouch co-founder and CEO SJ Kim said. "With WIZPR RING, we aim to realize a conversational computing environment where you can interact with AI by talking to it with your voice anytime, anywhere, without having to look at a screen."

If voice-only is not your thing, WIZPR also features a button. A single press will let you switch between AI tools, like from ChatGPT to Gemini. Two presses in short succession will turn on correction mode, which lets you say a word you might've mispronounced, and the AI will supposedly recognize which word needs to be corrected.

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Pressing the button three times will start a contextual conversation with the WIZPR ring's AI using data from your phone, like your messages or your calendar. Five button presses will activate SOS mode, which will record the sound around you and send your location and the recording to your chosen emergency contacts.

Most popular smart rings today are limited to health tracking, fitting neatly into the fitness and health category of wearables rather than the productivity category. WIZPR is meant to be an AI-powered extension to your devices, as you can tell by the marketing models in business suits rather than runners in athletic wear. Combining the health tracking features in current smart rings with the WIZPR's AI capabilities could turn the smart ring market on its head.

The WIZPR ring (previously known as the WHSP ring) is available in sizes ranging from 6 to 13, in black or silver. You can pre-order WIZPR now for an early bird price of $139 (which is set to go up to $199) on Kickstarter.

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