This app uses generative AI to turn your iPhone videos into new content

Runway's Gen-1 app gives a glimpse into the future of AI video generation. Here's what you need to know.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Runway app demo
Image: Runway

AI image generators such as DALL-E make it quick and easy for you to create any image from a simple prompt. AI video generation, on the other hand, is still in its early stages. 

Now, a new app by AI startup Runway provides a tantalizing glimpse of what the future of AI video generation might look like. 

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Runway launched its Runway ML iOS app on Tuesday, which lets users take video shot on the app or that's already in their photo gallery and transform it into an entirely new video using any prompts, images, or presets you pick. 

For example, the demo Runway posted on Twitter shows a video of a dog being transformed into a video of an artsy-looking cat. 

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The results from Runway can sometimes look warped or disfigured. However, it should be remembered that those kinds of unexpected outputs are common with generative AI and AI video generation, in particular, is still in its early phases.

Runway's video-to-video technology, called Gen-1, launched in February and has been available for use on desktop. The app version streamlines the process and makes it easier to generate new videos than on the desktop. 

Gen-2, Runway's text-to-video technology, is also teased on the app, with a tag that says "coming soon". 

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The Runway ML iOS app is free to download and is available on Apple's App Store, where it already ranks number 19 in the Photo & Video category. 

Despite being free, the app does allow for in-app purchases for different subscription plans that grant you more credits. 

On the Free plan, users get a limit of 125 credits, without the option to purchase more, and are granted three video projects with 720p video exports. For context, each second of video uses 14 credits. 

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The Standard plan costs $143.99 per year and grants users 625 credits, plus the option to buy more, unlimited video projects, watermark removals, 1080p exports, and more. 

Lastly, the Pro plan costs $334.99 and gives users 2,250 credits per month, plus the option to buy more, unlimited video projects, exports in ProRes, 500GB of assets, and more premium perks. 

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