This is the holy grail for SEO: The Google "Instant" alphabet - A is for Amazon... B is for Best Buy...

Google's new search function has created an alphabet of commercial giants. Good luck muscling into this pack ...
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

The Google "Instant Search" team showed off one-finger search. Othar Hansson, a senior Google engineer, demonstrated (twice) how typing the letter "W" gave "weather in San Francisco" as the first result.

A brand that is called up by Google Instant, on the very first four rows of the letter, is now the golden crown for search engine optimization (SEO).

I took a look at what came up for each letter in Google Instant: (Your results will vary somewhat by your location.)

A is for ... Amazon, AOL, Apple, ATT.

B is for ... BART, Bank of America, Best Buy, Bing.

C is for ... Craigslist, Costco, CNN, Chase.

D is for ... DMV, Dictionary, Droid X, Disneyland.

E is for ... Ebay, ESPN, Expedia, Evite.

F is for ... Facebook, Facebook login, Fandango, FIFA.

G is for ... Gmail, Google maps, Google, Great America.

H is for ... Hotmail, Hulu, Home Depot, HP.

I is for ... Iphone, Ikea, Inception, IMDB.

J is for ... Jet Blue, Jeremy Lin, Jamba Juice, Java.

K is for ... Kaiser, KTUV, Kayak, Kohls.

L is for ... Lowes, Lost, LinkedIn, Limewire.

M is for ... Mapquest, Myspace, MSN, Maps.

N is for ... Netflix, Nordstrom, NBA, News.

O is for ...Outsidelands, Orbitz, OSH, Office Depot.

P is for ... Pandora, PG&E, Paypal, Petco.

Q is for ... Quotes, QVC, Quicktime, Quinoa.

R is for ... REI, Ross, Redfin, Rosh Hashanah.

S is for ... Skype, SFGate, Sears, Southwest.

T is for ... Target, Twitter, Thesaurus, Travelocity.

U is for ... USPS, UPS, United Airlines, Utube.

V is for ... Verizon, Virgin America, VLC, Verizon Wireless.

W is for ... Weather, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Wikipedia.

X is for ... Xbox, XKCD, XM Radio, Xfinity.

Y is for ... Yahoo, Youtube, Yahoo Mail, Yelp.

Z is for ... Zillow, Zappos, Zipcodes, Zynga.

If you can get your brand into the one-letter list you are golden. This is now the holy grail of SEO.

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