This latest Firefox update makes it easier to protect your privacy online

The latest Mozilla Firefox release makes it easier for users to access private browsing mode.
Written by Danny Palmer, Senior Writer
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Firefox is aiming to boost the privacy of users when browsing the web with a new feature that makes it easier to access private browsing. 

The latest update for the Mozilla Firefox browser adds a new shortcut button that users can pin to their desktop to automatically go to private browsing mode whenever they want – and without needing to start the browser in regular mode first. 

The design of private browsing mode has also been changed; it now defaults to dark mode and a prominent logo has been added, so it's easier for users to see that they're browsing privately. 

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Firefox says the new privacy-enhancing features for the browser have been released to coincide with Cybersecurity Awareness Month

"We're rolling out new features that deliver on our user promise to provide web experiences that prioritizes people's privacy and needs whenever they go online," the company said in a blog post

The private browsing mode helps users protect their privacy by obscuring online activity from other users who use the same Firefox browser on the same computer.  


Firefox's redesigned Private Browsing mode.

Image: Firefox

It also provides users with privacy-enhancing features, including Total Cookie Protection, which stops cookies from tracking them around the web, as well as HTTPs by default, which provides users with an encrypted connection to websites whenever possible – helping them to keep their data secure. 

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But while private browsing mode shields the user from others using the same computer from being able to see their browsing history, Firefox stresses that it doesn't make you anonymous on the internet

However, the company says that its advanced privacy protections are something that other browser providers don't provide. 

Firefox also says it will continue to offer privacy protections to users who aren't browsing the web in private mode, with features like tracking protection and protection against social media cookies by default in all browser windows. 

In addition to the boosts to privacy, Firefox has added several features designed to make the browser easier to use. These include Firefox View, which allows users to see up to 25 of their recently closed tabs within each window of their desktop, providing a way to easily return to previous tasks. 

The latest version of Firefox also adds two new productivity shortcuts. An upgrade to PDF Editor means users can now write directly in PDFs, while users of macOS 10.15 and higher will also see a new Text Recognition feature, allowing text from images to be copied and re-used. 


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