This Palm ad should finally appeal to viewers

Palm has struggled to roll out ads that those in the enthusiast community find appealing, but this latest one looks to finally be a winner. Hopefully, Palm continues to roll out ads since they have a very good product in webOS and need to tell a better story.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

After spending a couple of weeks with the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon I went ahead and ordered one for myself. Palm started out with some rather strange ads last year that had a girl that really bothered many people looking a bit freaky. They then tried running some ads focusing on moms during the Valentine's Day period, but these weren't the best either. PreCentral.net posted news about the ad you see embedded below that I think finally is appealing and may sell some Palm webOS devices. As you can see they focus on the OS and not the device, which is a good thing since the hardware still needs some work while the OS is quite good.

Many people in the Palm enthusiast community have had some great ideas for ads and one of the best I heard was from the guys on Engadget in the latest Engadget podcast 187 where they mentioned showing a Pre in a person's hands playing a game to make you think it was an iPhone, then zoom out to show the Pre Plus while the hand then swipes to go to card view pausing the game and doing another task, then jumping right back into where the game left off. It amazes me that enthusiasts can think of better ads than Palm's team. Hopefully we continue to see better ads like the one above.

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