This smart desk helps you stand more

Worried about sitting to much at work? Here's one smart, pricey solution.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor
It's no secret: sitting too much is bad for our health. For those workers who spend hours each day stuck at a desk it's even more problematic. 

Of course, there are plenty of standing desks, treadmill desks and other desks that try to encourage a healthier, standing position at work, but the Stir Kinetic desk might be the smartest standing desk we've seen.

Take a look:

While the desk has a very simple design, there's a lot going on inside. There's a touch screen embedded in one corner of the desk that acts as your personal standing coach. You can set a goal for how much time you want to spend standing over a given time and the desk keeps track of your standing and sitting time and how many calories you burn. The height of your standing and sitting positions can also be preset, so that changing positions is as effortless as tapping on the touchscreen and letting the motorized desk do the rest. If you haven't moved around in a while, the desk does a subtle movement to remind you that it's time you do the same.

But it's not just about health. Those who use standing desk say they are more productive throughout the day.

For the Stir Kinetic desk though, the added health benefits and productivity will come at a pretty steep cost: $3,890.

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