This U.S. store has iPhone unlock software for sale NOW

New York City-based Wireless Imports is the first U.S.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

New York City-based Wireless Imports is the first U.S.-based online store to offer iPhone unlocking software from iPhoneSIMFree.

The software, which costs $99, works over WiFi.

With all manner of caution (you're liable for any crashes, as well as funky circumstances directly stated or implied in the Wireless Imports FAQ)here is WI's FAQ about what you are in for should you purchase and download the product:

1. Would all the same features still work? Yes. Except for Visual Voice mail (which is an exclusive AT&T feature), all features currently available on locked phones will be available on unlocked phones. *

2. Is it resistant to updates? While we have taken all possible measures to ensure that the phone will remain unlocked, we can only guarantee the current released versions of updates (up to and including 1.0.2). With any of these versions, even if the phone is fully restored, the phone will remain unlocked.

3. If I restore my phone will the software still work? Yes (confirmed up to version 1.02)

4. Is it completely unlocked for voice and data use with any alternative carrier? We have tested both voice and data extensively in multiple countries, using various different carriers and have found no problems. **

5. Do you still need itunes to activate the phone? Activating your phone with itunes is not the only method available for activation. In order to use our software you will need to activate your phone through the means of your choice (see question 11)

6. Will the unlock work on phones that have been activated? Yes, an activated phone is required for our software to work. (see question 5 above)

7. Can I unlock it before the AT&T registration process? Yes

8. Does it work with 1.02 update? Yes

9. Will it work on my network? If your network supports a standard GSM sim

10. What is the process the end user will go through? Currently our initial release will require that the end user activate and “jail break” in order to place our app on the phone. (We are working toward a fully automated pc/mac application to be released shortly after launch)

11. Is it easy to install? Unlike other methods currently available, our software is by far the simplest and quickest to install and set up.

12. How many iphones can I unlock with one license? One

13. Do you offer 100% money back guarantee if the software does not work? The unlock WILL work. We cannot offer any guarantee should Apple Inc. choose to re-lock the phone after a future update.

14. How do you deliver the software? The software will be made available for download once a registered user has made their payment.

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