Three decades of Apple's design history in 30 seconds

A new online video compresses 36 years of Apple products into half a minute, providing a quick visual history of the company's design tactics. It's timely, as Apple's shares and market cap soar.
Written by Reena Jana, Contributor

Apple's shares and market capitalization hit remarkable highs this week--its shares closing at $493.42 on Friday, Feb. 10 and its market cap now reaching $460 billion, valuing the company as more than Google and Microsoft combined. Intense trading on Thursday February 9 came after an AllThingsD report that the iPad 3 is likely to be introduced in March. While technology pundits and consumers eagerly await the latest in elegant Apple computing, now is as good a time as ever to take a look at the design history behind Apple's freshest--and forthcoming--products.

Handily, a new video (edited by Boing Boing's managing editor, Rob Beschizza), provides a super-fast cram session on how Apple products have evolved. Flashing before your eyes are a wooden prototype for a desktop computer; clunky Apple printers; early black-and-white on-screen interfaces; cuddly iPod cases that look like ribbed socks; the ubiquitous iPhone and iPad. Given that Apple's design achievements have distinguished its products and services in the marketplace over the years, the video is worth watching to get a sense of how the company's designers, engineers, and marketers alike have so carefully built upon their aesthetic legacy to create a consistent brand experience. It's one thing to keep discussing Apple's achievements, and another to see the fruits of 36 years of Apple's design strategies unfold before your eyes--in half a minute.

Here's the video:

(via Boing Boing)

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