Three ways to take your vacation to work

Written by Vince Thompson, Contributing Editor

Keith Ferrazzi, speaker and author of the bestseller's Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone has been a good friend of SmartPlanet's. In a recent post on his blog Keith shared his tips for keeping the vacation spirit alive. Here's an excerpt from that post.

"So how to maintain that sense of calm and control once you’re back into the 9-5 (or 9-9)?

1. Build margins into your schedule. Don’t block your entire day back to back, with zero chance for a spontaneous 10 minute walk, a workout, or five minutes to reflect. Even a few minutes of free time can make you feel like you’re running your life, instead of your life running you.

2. Take lunch with a friend. We high-achievers tend to throw ourselves into our work, and though the focus is thrilling, it also can be draining over time. So force yourself to think about something beyond work - yes, even though you’re insanely busy because you’re just back from vacation.

3. Post a pic from Shangri-la at at your desk. It sounds obvious, but an image of your happiest vacation moment (even if its just with the fam in your backyard) can ground you if you feel yourself starting to spin. It worked for Jamie Foxx in Collateral - and he hadn’t even taken the vacation yet.

Here’s to a productive week!"

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