Thunderbird 8 lands with Lightning calendar

The update to Mozilla's email software, built on the Gecko 8 browser engine, comes with the long-awaited Lightning calendar add-on that brings it into closer rivalry with Outlook
Written by Stephen Shankland, Contributor

Thunderbird 8 has arrived, a new version of Mozilla's email software that now is linked with the Firefox rapid-release program.

Thunderbird 8 Lightning add-on

The Lightning add-on brings calendar capabilities to Mozilla's Thunderbird 8 email update. Photo credit: Mozilla

Thunderbird 8, made available for download on Tuesday, is built using the Gecko 8 browser engine used in Firefox 8, also released the same day. Notably, the new version of the email software is accompanied by Lightning 1.0. The add-on, which has been under development at Mozilla for years, gives Thunderbird a calendar module.

The Lightning add-on makes Thunderbird a more capable replacement for Outlook for those opting for an open-source approach to sending, receiving, searching and archiving e-mail. It is built to work with Thunderbird 8, but also supports older versions.

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