TikTok to offer an easier, more secure way for iPhone users to sign in

The new passwordless option will roll out to some users this month, with wider availability to follow.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
TikTok Passkey

Creating and remembering a unique and secure password for your accounts is a hassle. The worst part is that even after going through all of the trouble, your account can still easily be subject to hacking.

For that reason, many apps are moving towards more secure, easier-to-use sign-on alternatives, and now TikTok is joining the party. 

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On Tuesday, TikTok announced that it will allow iOS users to sign in to their TikTok accounts using a passkey. 

Passkeys refer to password replacements that allow users to use the biometric authentication methods already available on their devices, Apple Face and Touch ID for iOS users. 

This login method is easier to use because you don't need to remember a long or complicated password and, instead, can use something that is always with you and impossible to forget -- your fingerprint or face. 

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Passkeys also make it more difficult for an account to be compromised because, unlike a traditional password, it can't be stolen and is phishing-resistant. 

Even though you are using biometric data to log on, TikTok can not access that data because, with passkeys, the biometric data remains on the user's device, and a unique cryptographic key is created for the app or site to which you are logging in. 

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TikTok's passkey sign-on option will begin rolling out to Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America starting this month. If your region is not mentioned, no worries, TikTok said it has plans of expanding to more regions over time. 

In the release, TikTok also announced that it partnered with the FIDO Alliance, an association founded in 2013 and focused on reducing the world's overreliance on passwords. 

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