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Time Warner Cable and canceled installation

The adventure began when I purchased a new home and ordered service from Time Warner Cable. TWC unilaterally canceled my service and the installation. Will our hero obtain service?
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

I purchased a new home in mid-February. Shortly after the papers were signed, I called Time Warner Cable (TWC), the only local supplier offering a combination of television, digital telephone and "high speed" internet, to set up the installation of one of their pre-defined packages.

I was surprised to discover that the packages available all offered less and were more expensive than the services offered by Verizon FIOS. Since it was just about the only game in town, I held my nose and accepted the agreement.

I called a few days before the scheduled installation date just to reconfirm. I'm really glad I did. TWC had canceled my installation and new service without notice!

While the call center agent was friendly and was trying to be helpful, she was unable to recreate the package that I purchased back in February. I had been offered a package that included cable television for 3 digital TVs, their "ultimate" Internet service (much slower than offered by Verizon FIOS), and a digital telephone for one price, and was told the same package now cost $60 more a month.

I spoke with several agents via telephone, twitter and TWC's own chat line. In the end, I dropped the digital telephone line to get the price somewhere near what was offered for the whole package back in February. Through the efforts of the TWC agents, I was even able to get an installation appointment for today that was  originally scheduled back in February.

I'll let you know how the installation goes.

I'm left with a few questions, including the following:

  • Why was my service and the installation canceled without notice?
  • Why was the promised package no longer available?
  • Why was the available package $60/month more expensive than the package I was offered in February?
  • Will I be able to take part in long, tedious, but useful conference calls using just my cell phone?

1 PM ET Update - Tim, the pleasant, very professional, TWC representative appeared well within the window of time promised. We did a walk through the house and noted where cable drops should go in every room. I'm feeling hopeful that most of the problems will be resolved this afternoon.

2:30 PM ET Update - Todd, one of Tim's colleagues, came to help complete the installation.

4 PM ET Update - The installation was a success. I guess persistence eventually pays off.

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