Too Many Linux Distributions?

I had to deal with the "why are there so many Linux distributions? It's too confusing!
Written by J.A. Watson, Contributor

I had to deal with the "why are there so many Linux distributions? It's too confusing!" whinging again over the weekend. I've decided to succumb to the tide, and agree - there are too many distributions, and we should immediately start reducing them, to a target of ONE TRUE LINUX DISTRIBUTION. No choice, no variations, no options, one kernel, one desktop, one window manager, one set of programs, utilities and applications. Period. We can call it "Windux" (since Lindows didn't work out too well...).

While we are at it, we need to get busy on removing all those pesky choices from the rest of our lives. Why on earth is there more than one kind of car available? Choose one, shut down the rest, and keep things uniform and simple. The same goes for major home appliances - who wants to have to decide between so many different appliance suppliers? Pick one, get rid of the rest, and the world will be a better place. While we are at it, what about breakfast cereals? How are we supposed to decide between the multitude on the shelves today? It makes my head spin every time I go shopping. Get rid of them all - not only all the different suppliers, but all of the different brands from each supplier. Fill the shelf with Corn Flakes, and we will all be better off, won't we?

Bzzzzzt. NOT. No thanks. I want to live in a world where I have a choice. Where Jake can come along and tell me about a Linux distribution that I have never heard of before, but which is so right for his needs that he gets all excited in writing about it. A world where one of the major Linux distributions can stumble, and either make a major mistake, or just take a couple of years to get out the next version, and all the others just keep moving ahead, so I can use whichever one works best for me at the time.



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