Top 10 most profitable cities on Kickstarter

A new website makes it easier to track local Kickstarter projects and which cities bring in the most money.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

On Kickstarter there are not only a lot of creative projects, but a lot of data that's always changing. ThingsWeStart has taken that data and created a useful tool to track local project and a way to brag to your friends about your city.

ThingsWeStart has made it easy to search Kickstarter projects based on location and project type. In doing so they have made searching Kickstarter less overwhelming and mapped out the places where creativity thrives.

But they also have a little fun with the data. They've created graphs comparing cities based on Kickstarter profit. (In case you're wondering San Francisco earned more than Seattle and Portland combined.) And they created this infographic showing which U.S. cities are the most profitable on Kickstarter (as of early September):

It's not surprising to see the largest cities dominate the list. But the list wasn't just a rundown of the top 10 cities in the U.S. Smaller, creative cities like Seattle, Austin, Portland, and of course Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) did well. These are the places where it pays to be creative.

In just three years, Kickstarter has raised an impressive $350 million through 70,000 campaigns, an average of $5,000 per campaign.

Localization is important to campaigns on Kickstarter. That's why we've seen a number of different sites that use the Kickstarter model to fund local businesses. People like to see the outcome of their investment in their neighborhood. Projects like ThingsWeStart will make that easier to do on a larger scale.

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