Top 10 Polls taken in 2009 - Moderate is the theme

2009, end of the first decade of the 21st century. Here are some interesting vote tabulations from polls I've taken. The polls listed have a minimum of 100 submissions.
Written by Doug Hanchard, Contributor

2009; end of the first decade, in the 21st century. Here are the Top 10 polls voted on by ZDNet readers I've posted in the Government blog. The polls listed have a minimum of 100 votes cast. The polls are not accurate to any specific local, regional or national segment. The polls suggest that many of you are moderate in response to some very difficult questions. It is also possible that individuals have voted twice. Click on view results to see the latest tabulations. They will be locked down as of December 31st so vote now if you want to have a final say. The following are in ranking order of popularity as of December 15th:

I'm not surprised which poll topped the charts in feedback. Google is the King of user visits. Question for many is how big will get before it needs to be taken down a notch or two. Its strategy to avoid overall international litigation issues is makes other companies jealous.

[poll id="28"]

A trust issue exists using electronic voting devices. Perhaps a HB pencil and paper ballot is still the right way to tabulate votes...

[poll id="12"]

No surprise here given the poll results listed above, technology can solve a lot of problems. The cost savings compared to other methods is a strong counter point, but the results here suggest that isn't a sufficient reason to trust it.

[poll id="13"]

The internet continues to grow. It's still a young child and siblings are rising in parallel. A mixed result.

[poll id="10"]

A crime is a crime, regardless if you have a mental health condition. On December 10th a new court challenge was filed suggesting that Gary McKinnon wouldn't survive jail in the United States. But he hasn't even gone to trial yet.

[poll id="21"]

If McKinnon's legal team lose their last ditch attempt preventing extradition, at least we can find out the true answer to this question.

[poll id="22"]

The FCC will never be a popular government agency. But overall it appears that the public is willing to continue believe it gets it right 50% of the time, which, when compared to other agencies is pretty good!

[poll id="15"]

Privacy is the most misunderstood principle Internet users have to start thinking about. Google has made significant strides modifying Streetview and continues to develop image washing techniques that may expose people's identity. Over half of you think Google should protect your privacy.

[poll id="7"]

Twitter is the current #1 microblog application. It has gained popularity with Internet users and in particular, politicians from all stripes continue to use it. It can back fire, but so far it's a trend that continues to rise in usage. But less than 15% of you actually follow politicians via twitter directly. I would bet that many users indirectly follow a story about a politician through retweets sent by people you follow.

[poll id="14"]

It used to be that we had to worry about being addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling and the like. According to many of you,  85% think Internet is an addiction that is increasing.

[poll id="23"]

Next year a new wave of issues and stories will happen. Predictions for 2010 ? Are you kidding? To suggest a poll, send an email and let's find out the results. Happy holidays everyone!

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