Top 10 posts on The Apple Core in 2010

As we wind down 2010, here's a look at the stories that generated the most traffic here at The Apple Core this year.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

As we wind down 2010, here's a look at the stories that generated the most traffic here at The Apple Core this year:

  1. Apple iPad: Does it have 'real' GPS? (updated: yes and no)-- The complete answer is that the WiFi-only iPad does not have GPS making it a bummer for Maps and navigation apps.
  2. Top 10 iPhone camera apps - Way back in March the hip camera apps included Hipstamatic, Color Splash, Camera Genius, DSLR Camera Remote Pro. A ton of new apps have arrived hence and my photo folder also includes Instagram, IncrediBooth, Pro HDR, Camera Snipe, and QuickSnap -- which I hope you grabbed before Apple yanked it yesterday. If you like Vintage Video Maker (a personal fave) check out my new favorite video app: 8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99, App Store)
  3. How to protect your iPhone from loss –- Part 3 of my three-part post on losing my iPhone, then getting it back at Disney. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!
  4. Not so fast on the 2G iPad Retina Display -- In order for a 9.7-inch iPad to qualify as a Retina Display (a.k.a. 300 DPI) the screen would need a resolution of 2560 x 1920 - which is more than its 27-inch LED Cinema Display.
  5. Add Bluetooth to the iPhone 4 list of woe -- After Antennagate derailed total iPhone domination, poor Bluetooth performance also plagued early versions of the freshly-minted iOS 4.0 software.
  6. How I got my iPhone back via Find My iPhone -- Part 2 (of 3) of the aforementioned series on how I recovered my lost iPhone in Orlando.
  7. Find my iPhone, please! -- Part 1 of 3 in my lost iPhone saga from Orlando.
  8. What would you do with an iPad USB port? -- A vague rumor surfaced that the iPad 2 would have a USB port. Completely out of left field, but possible.
  9. HTC Evo 4G is the Android phone to beat -- As of June, the Evo 4G was the hottest phone going and the first with 4G and a massive 4.3-inch display. But new Android phones come out every month and the new top dog is the Google Nexus S.
  10. Preview: LunaTik iPod nano watch conversion kit (Verdict: awesome) -- My personal favorite of this year's top 10 is a piece on the new iPod-as-a-watch trend that's sweeping the globe. The LunaTik is a new twist on portable media and a completely new application for the iPod.

What was your favorite Apple story of the year?

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