Top 10 tips for a terrific website

The definitive guide from one who knows...
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

The definitive guide from one who knows...

Want to know how to create a top-notch website? Here are the web design top ten tips from web guru Jakob Nielsen exclusively for silicon.com: 1. Keep it simple - make the site easy to navigate and remove all unnecessary information. Less clutter the better. 2. Do what ever it takes to make the site fast. Slim pages with fast servers can spit out the pages fast so the user won't get bored. 3. Make it short. Always write for the web, not for a paper-based medium. 4. Remember the international nature of the web. Don't use long, localised expressions if it's not necessary. 5. Have a decent search engine situated on the top right hand corner of the page. 6. Avoid the latest technology. Only use technology that has been around for two or more years as anything new is likely to crash the user's computer. 7. Describe on your home page what the site is about, don't make the user look for information. 8. Make sure if the site is an ecommerce site the prices are visible. 9. Be considerate to those with bad eyesight, make sure the browser can alter the text. 10. Don't forget the site once it's ready, remember to update it on a regular basis.
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