Top Android news of the week: Android owners loyal except for iPhone, good $35 tablet, new Skype update

This week in Android news we heard that Android owners are loyal except for new iPhones, Microsoft not close to Android emulation, and that a Black Friday deal will get you a decent tablet for $35.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Rumor: Microsoft's Android emulation not coming for a while

Project Astoria, Microsoft's effort to allow Android apps running on Windows, is reportedly not going to happen for a while. Microsoft has not publicly stated this is the case but insiders claim it is reality.

Source: OS News

Black Friday: Kindle Fire tablet for $35

Black Friday is approaching and retailers are pitching their deals like a carny barker. Techies should note a great deal from Amazon. The Kindle Fire tablet, already a bargain at $50, will be just $35.

The Kindle Fire is a great way to get familiar with Android, at least Amazon's version of the OS.

Source: CNET

Save Skype video messages with Android app update

Skype is good on most platforms, and particularly on Android. It's a powerful business tool that appeals to consumers, too. A recent update to the Skype Android app permits saving video messages for later referral.

The update is in the Google Play store so simply update Skype on your device.

Source: Engadget

Android owners more loyal than iOS until new iPhones released

Mobile device owners are often a loyal bunch, sticking with a platform when upgrading to a new device. A report shows that's true with Android, even greater than iOS.

It's not without a caveat, however, as statistics show that while Android device owners will usually get another Android device when upgrading, that's not the case when a new iPhone is released. Android owners are then prone to jump ship and get the new iPhone.

Source: business Insider

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