Top Android news of the week: Ed Bott: Best MS apps, HTC and Google team up, Exchange is coming,

This week in Android we heard that Google Play support is coming to Chrome OS, saw that Gmail is getting Microsoft Exchange support, and that HTC may be building new Nexus devices.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Best Microsoft apps for Android

Microsoft is setting the Android world on fire with a large collection of business apps. ZDNet's Ed Bott has picked the 10 best ones for the professional using Android.

Source: ZDNet

HTC reported to build two next Nexus devices

Google partners with OEMs to make its Nexus line of devices and a rumor says that will be HTC for the next round of Google's gadgets. It's not clear if both devices will be smartphones or if one will be a tablet. If this pans out it's a boon for HTC, as the company's financials have fallen for a while.

Source: ZDNet


Dual-booting hybrid for those who want everything

A new hybrid, a tablet with a detachable keyboard, is ready to appeal to a larger market. The Chuwi Hi12 Stylus has both Android and Windows under the hood allowing users to run whichever platform best fits the task at hand. The Chuwi is $299, if you can find one.

Source: TalkAndroid


Gmail getting Microsoft Exchange support

Microsoft is continuing its push to get products on competing mobile platforms with the addition of Exchange support in the Android Gmail app. This brings welcome business functionality to Google's own Gmail app.

The Exchange support will be rolled out in a gradual fashion.

Source: Google and ZDNet

Play Store apps coming to Chrome OS

Your favorite Chromebook will soon have a huge app selection as it looks that Chrome OS will someday work with the Play Store. Snippets of Chrome OS code show a setting to enable Play Store support for installing apps.

Source: ZDNet

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