Top Android news of the week: Folding display, more profits, and Android Auto support growing

This week in Android we saw Android Auto spreading around the world, heard Samsung is expecting another jump in profits, and saw a smartphone with a folding display.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Foldable smartphone from Samsung possible

A portfolio style smartphone could be coming from Samsuing next year. The small wallet folds in the middle to close. What makes this exciting is the display folds with the wallet.

Companies have been experimenting with displays that fold for years but this one from Samsung looks like it might make it to market.

Source: The Independent


Android Auto spreads around the globe

Android Auto, the version of the OS put in cars, is gaining momentum as it has expanded adoption in 18 new countries. These include the large markets of Brazil, India, and Russia.

Kia recently announced that Android Auto will be in all of its cars in Europe by 2018.

Source: Android Authority

Official Reddit app now out for Android and iOS

Active participants on Reddit can now do so on Android and iOS with the release of the official app. Previously in beta, the release of the final apps optimizes the service for mobile.

Source: TNW


Samsung expects another jump in profitability

Samsung is predicting a rise in profits for the third straight quarter. This jump in profitability is year-over-year and comes from the company's earnings guidance for the first quarter in 2016.

Source: The Verge

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