Top Android news of the week: Galaxy S6 Edge displays, Alzheimer's app, and more

In Android news this week saw reports of a Samsung app that can help Alzheimer's patients, Samsung is doubling S6 Edge curved screen production, and Google expands the utility of voice control.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Samsung helps develop app that helps with Alzheimer's effects

In an effort to help Alzheimer's patients remember family and friends, Samsung has developed an app that spurs them to recognize those close to them. Working in conjunction with 3SG BBDO, the two have released an app that automatically recognizes when a loved one approaches the Alzheimer's sufferer and pops up pictures of them.

Called the Backup Memory app, tests have shown positive results in helping patients recognize family and friends.

Source: Samsung

Samsung doubles down on Galaxy S6 Edge screens

Samsung is reportedly getting a third plant ready to produce curved OLED displays for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Sources claim this new facility will double Samsung's curved screen output to five million monthly.

The Korean firm expects the S6 line of smartphones will be big sellers and able to compete with Apple's iPhones.

Source: Bloomberg

Taiwanese firm joins the Microsoft patent license family

Microsoft has licensed patents to a number of Android device makers, and this week added Taiwanese ODM Qisda to the group. The company "provides ODM/OEM of electronic products and hardware-software integration for consumer, commercial, industrial, medical & lifestyle applications,"

Microsoft makes a healthy amount of revenue off Android through this patent licensing.

Source: ZDNet

Android gets more voice control functionality

Google has added additional voice control actions to make Android handsets more hands-free in operation. It is now possible to run many apps without touching the phone.

Third-party apps can be opened and manipulated by voice in addition to many of Google's own apps.

Source: ZDNet

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