Top Android news of the week: Galaxy S6 Edge flaws, Priv updates, major new malware

This week in Android came word of new serious malware exploits, BlackBerry pledges monthly updates, and Samsung added flaws to the S6 Edge software.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Google: Samsung added serious flaws to Galaxy S6 Edge

In just a week of evaluating the code on Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge, Google has uncovered a number of flaws not part of Android These include 11 that Google designates as high-risk exploits.

Google has been examining the ability to exploit deployed devices to close any vulnerabilities in Android.

Source; AppleInsider

BlackBerry to make monthly patches on the Priv

To give its Priv a leg up on the competition, BlackBerry plans to offer monthly updates to its Android installation. The company has been pitching the security protection on the Priv, and hopes to drive that home with the pledge of offering monthly security patches over-the-air (OTA).

BlackBerry will also issue rapid hotfixes for serious security issues as they arise.

Source: The Register

New adware exploits affecting 20K apps exposed

Three malware infections affecting 20,000 apps and are nearly impossible to remove once a device is infected. The malware grabs root permissions allowing it to take over the phone. In some cases the only way to deal with it is to get rid of the phone.

Malware that enters an Android device is becoming more common and a huge problem for Android and device owners.

Source: AppleInsider

Light Biz OS: A desktop variant from Rockchip

Chipmaker Rockchip has produced a Lollipop-based version of Android designed to work like a desktop OS. Light Biz OS is optimized to run well on the company's processors, and works much like Windows 7.

The OS can run on a tablet and with peripherals connected function as a budget system. it can run any Android app, and in multiple window mode

Source: Lilliputing

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