Top Android news of the week: Millions switching to iOS, giant Galaxy View, Chrome OS/Android merging

This week in Android we heard of Chrome OS and Android merging, saw Samsung's giant Galaxy View, and heard of millions leaving Android for iOS.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Chrome OS to merge with Android

Google plans to roll Chrome OS into Android by 2017 according to a report in the WSJ. Those familiar with the merge claim Google has been working on the project for two years and will show off an early version of the new OS next year.

Source: WSJ

BlackBerry shows off the Priv

The Canadian phone maker has released a couple of ads showing off the Priv. This is the firm's first Android phone and the only one on the market with a physical keyboard that slides out from the touch screen.

The ads point out how the Priv watches for malicious activity to protect owners.

Source: CNET

Galaxy View: 18.4-inch tablet aimed at the TV watching crowd

Samsung launched a huge tablet that is so big it has a built-in handle. The company is aiming the Galaxy View at consumers who want a secondary, somewhat portable, screen for consuming content.

It's not clear who the target market might be, although it might be a good fit for dorm rooms.

Source: ZDNet

Microsoft releases Arrow launcher for Android

The folks in Redmond are flooding Android with apps and the latest is a full-fledged launcher. Arrow focuses on putting the Android owner's favorites and frequently used apps on the home screens.

Arrow also adds a tray that slides up from the bottom of the screen that puts common settings at your fingertips.

Source: ZDNet

Lots of switchers from Android to iOS

Apple has claimed that a large percentage of recent iPhone buyers have come from an Android handset. This claim is bolstered by the downloads of the Move to iOS app, Apple's first app for Android. The app guides Android users to switch to iOS. It's available in the Google Play Store.

According to Google Play figures, over a million have downloaded the app.

Source: BGR

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