Top Android news of the week: New BlackBerry, double predictions, LTE on the wrist

This week in Android we saw SwiftKey double down on predictions, Apple Music arrived, and a new BlackBerry leaked.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple Music now on Android in beta form

The folks in Cupertino have released Apple Music for Android. The beta app and service come with a three-month free trial and requires Android 4.3 and above. The sign-up process is not optimized for Android so those wanting to purchase a subscription or upgrade will need a Mac or iOS device.

Source: AppleInsider

SwiftKey now predicts double words

Popular keyboard app SwiftKey 6.0 can now predict the next two words the user might type. The app has long been accurate at predicting the next word as it learns the user's writing habits over time.

The developers believe it can now accurately guess the next two words.

Source: Android Central

New BlackBerry phone leaked, the Vienna

Hot on the heals of its first Android phone, rumor has it that BlackBerry will release a second. The Vienna foregoes the sliding keyboard of the Priv in favor of one that is always beneath the display.

No word has leaked about availability.

Source: ZDNet

Cellular comes to Android Wear

Smartwatches running Android will soon have cellular connections available as part of the mix. The first phone with LTE is the LG Watch Urbane LTE and more are expected soon. Having cellular onboard means Android Wear devices can get online when no Wi-Fi is around.

Source: PCMag

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