Top Android news of the week: Factory reset failures, Note 5, phone calling on the watch

News in the Android world this week had reports that Android Wear may get phone calling, Android phones got a preview version of Microsoft Office, factory resetting some phones leaves owner info, and no Galaxy Note 5 in June.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Factory reset on Android phones not always erasing owner info

Security experts determined that performing a factory reset on Android phones is not secure on many handsets. This affects owners of some phones who reset the device prior to selling it or trading it in for a new model.

The problem is that the reset doesn't erase the data partition on every phone, which is where the Google account information is stored. It can be retrieved and the account accessed.

Source: ZDNet

Playing music over Bluetooth not as good on Android as on iOS

Audiophiles determined that music streamed over Android Bluetooth doesn't sound as good as on iOS. They said Android device makers simply need to tweak the Bluetooth drivers to make it as good.

It sounds like a very subtle difference so I'm guessing us non-audiophiles can't tell what the fuss is about.

Source: The Pocket Tech Guide

Rumor: Android Wear to get calling features

Smartwatches running Android Wear may soon get the ability to make calls according to a rumor that's recently surfaced. If so, this will allow smartwatch users to make and take calls on the watch.

This may be a likely turn of events given the competition with Apple Watch, which can already do calls.

Source: Android Police

Android Phones get Microsoft Office preview

The folks in Redmond extended the Microsoft Office preview to Android phones. The preview version brings phone versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Tablet versions of these apps have been available on Android since late last year.

Source: ZDNet

Samsung president: No Galaxy Note 5 in June or July

Rumors have been swirling around the Android world that Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 5 in July. This would be earlier than usual for Samsung, but some thought the company would ride the current success of the S6.

Those rumors, perhaps hopes, have been dashed by the company's president. He has stated flatly that the Galaxy Note 5 will not be announced in June or July.

Source: Android Community

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