Top Android news of the week: Samsung Assist, Office gets better, Google Wallet cards to go away

This week in Android we saw new features added to Microsoft Office, Samsung merged app stores and can troubleshoot devices remotely.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Microsoft Office apps get useful features

The Office apps for Android now have the ability to export to PDF and insert photos directly from the camera. These new features bring more utility to the free versions of the Android apps and can be used in all the major apps.

Source: Android Community


Samsung merges Gear apps with Galaxy apps

A single store for everything is always easier than multiple locations, and Samsung has merged two stores. Gear apps for the company's wearables are now in the same online store as Galaxy apps. This will be especially welcomed by owners of both Samsung watches and phones.

Source: Android Authority


Samsung can fix your phone remotely

The dreaded tech support call may now be over for Samsung device owners with the launch of Samsung Assist. Invoked from the Samsung+ app, this service allows support staff to access Samsung devices remotely to troubleshoot problems.

Source: CNET

Physical Google Wallet cards to go away June 30

Google will stop supporting physical Google Wallet cards on June 30 of this year. These are the cards that some customers use instead of paying by phone in the real world. Google wants to concentrate on paying by device as Google Wallet was designed to do.

Source: Android Authority

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