Top Android news of the week: Samsung update, Android update, Cyanogen

This week in Android has been all about security with updates released plugging malware.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Microsoft opens some apps to Cyanogen

Microsoft isn't just opening up to regular Android and iOS as it has moved into Cyanogen. Skype, Cortana, and OneNote have rolled out to the main variant of Android. Versions for Cyanogen 13.1 are rolling out for those who prefer Cyanogen over regular Android.

Source: ZDNet


Google's monthly security update is out

Google continues to get serious about security and the June update addresses many critical bugs. These include one that addresses the media server bug that lets malware slip in remotely and corrupt memory on remote devices.

Source: ZDNet

Patch for Samsung Galaxy plugs security hole


A flaw on Samsung Galaxy phones has been patched on Android. This flaw allows hackers to bypass a factory reset, allowing them to use stolen phones. Smsung's patch also addresses dozens of bugs and should be applied by Galaxy phone owners.

Source: ZDNet

Google's security bounty is paying off the first year

Google offers a bounty to those finding security bugs and the first year has been a big one. The firm has paid $550k while identifying 250 bugs. Google is serious about security and the bounty is proving to be a successful venture for this.

Source: ZDNet

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