Top Android news of the week: Security update, USB-C better, Marshmallow on fire

This week in Android we got a new preview build of Android N, a new USB-C specification, and a big security update.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Big security update for Android

Google released the monthly security update and it's a big one. The update plugs a critical flaw that enabled remote code execution by email, web browsing, and MMS. This update should be applied as soon as possible so keep an eye out for your device.

Source: TechnoBuffalo


Marshmallow is on fire

Latest figures of Android versions in use show that Marshmallow adoption has doubled since last month. It's now installed on 4.6 percent of Android devices which is not a large number given the way the system works.

Source: Neowin

USB-C gets a new spec to deal with hazardous cables

It's been a rocky start to USB-C given how many cables have appeared in the market that can't handle the power. Cables have been regularly found that can damage devices, among other flaws.

To address this problem, a USB-C Authentication spec was released that causes devices to handshake with a USB-C cable to make sure the accessory being plugged in meets the new specification.

Source: ZDNet


Android N Dev Preview 2 released -- better app switching and split-screen function

Google released the second version of the Android N Preview version for developers. This new version has reworked two major functions -- app switching and split-screen displays.

Source: Android Authority

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