Top Android news of the week: Supreme Court; Kernel patches; Accessibility tool

This week in Android we heard that the Supreme Court will weigh in on the Samsung/ Apple battle, and we saw Google release an accessibility tool for developers and a fix for a kernel vulnerability.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Security update fixes kernel vulnerability

Google has released a security update that addresses a kernel vulnerability exposing it to hackers. The update allows systems to detect if affected apps are installed. The update is for kernels 3.4, 3.10, and 3.14 and these are ready to receive the update.

Source: Android Community

Tool for developers points out accessibility issues

Google has released a tool to help developers make their apps more accessible for everyone. Accessibility issues can keep users from adopting an app and this tool automatically scans them and points out accessibility features to make it better.

Source: Ars Tecnica


Update for Apple Music makes it better in Android

Apple has updated the Apple Music app for Android, and a new widget makes it more useful. The widget provides basic controls and displays album art. In addition to the new widget, it is now possible to make custom playlists and tapping the song that is playing now takes you to the album.

Source: Android Authority


Samsung vs. Apple going to Supreme Court

The next chapter of the long-running court case between Apple and Samsung is now heading to the Supreme Court. The Court has agreed to address the $548 million assessment of damages previously ordered to be paid to Apple.

Source: ZDNet

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