Top Android news of the week: Top dog, new Lollipop, two screens

This week in Android: Dominance over the smartphone space continues, new Lollipop version hits AOSP, the YotaPhone 2 appears.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Android tops in smartphones

The Android juggernaut marches on according to figures reported by CNET. Shipments of smartphones with Android are expected to top 1.06 billion this year. This will give Android a whopping 82.3 percent share of the smartphone space.

The forecast from IDC puts iOS in very distant second place with only 13.8 percent of smartphones shipped. IDC sees a slowdown overall for smartphones in the near future.

Source: CNET

Lollipop 5.01 released to the AOSP

This week Google released Android 5.01 to the AOSP, making it available to the community-at-large. The AOSP is the Android Open Source Project and is the foundation for those looking to customize the OS.

This should help get Lollipop out to users, as the official version from Google hasn't appeared on many devices other than the company's own Nexus products.

Source: Android Authority

YotaPhone 2: Phone with two big screens

Dual-screen smartphones are nothing new, and the YotaPhone was the first practical design with the second screen on the back of the handset. A new model appeared this week which looks as intriguing as the original.

The 5-inch phone has a 4.7-inch touch display on the back of the handset which is a black and white display. This second display can be used for informational data and is very cool.

Source: ZDNet

Lollipop on few devices

It's early days for the latest version of Android, aka Lollipop, and current installation figures make that clear. Only 0.1 percent of installations are running Lollipop.

Devices running Lollipop are likely Google Nexus devices, as OEMs and carriers have just begun upgrading existing devices.

Source: Techcrunch

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