Top iOS news of the week: Apple Pay hits the skies, big jump in the enterprise, app size doubled

This week in the world of iOS were reports that Jet Blue will accept Apple Pay inflight, iOS had a large increase in managed devices in the enterprise, and Apple has increased the maximum allowed iOS app size to 4GB.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Jet Blue to accept Apple Pay in the air

Apple Pay got a boost this week as Jet Blue announced it would begin accepting Apple Pay for inflight purchases. The airline is in the process of upgrading its mobile payment system on aircraft and will add the option of handling payments with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The airline says passengers will be able to pay for food, booze, and seat upgrades using the phones.

Source: Engadget

Report: iOS enterprise-managed devices see significant jump in 2014

A report from Citrix showed a 72 percent jump in managed mobile devices running iOS in 2014 over the previous year. This represents a huge push in the enterprise, a priority for Apple.

Of all mobile devices enrolled in the enterprise, iOS had 64 percent, Android 27 percent, and Windows 9 percent. Windows enrollment was a modest growth over the previous year, and Android dropped.

Source: FierceMobileIT

iOS app maximum size increased to 4GB

Apple has always limited the maximum size of apps on iOS to keep system resource requirements low. Expanding features in apps has resulted in Apple increasing the allowable size of apps to 4GB.

ZDNet points out that as apps will now get bigger, devices with 8/16GB are not a good idea to purchase, and iPhones and iPads with at least 32 or 64GB are better choices.

Source: ZDNet

Rumor: iOS 8.4 to debut Beats-based music service

Rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, and one that surfaced this week about Apple's music service based on Beats Music is no exception. It is speculated that the upcoming iOS 8.4 will be the launching pad for the integration of Beats Music into iOS.

Last year Apple acquired Beats Audio, including the Beats Music service with music streaming.

Even if this comes to pass, it would likely be later this year.

Source: 9to5mac

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