Top iOS news of the week: Bricking iPhones, OneNote pen support, Office and iCloud, iOS beta

In iOS news this week came a warning about bricking iPhones, pen support hits OneNote for iOS, rumors of a public beta for iOS, and Microsoft Office adds iCloud support.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

OneNote for iOS gets handwriting recognition

It seems like every week we see Microsoft adding features to its growing iOS app line. This week was a big one, adding pen support and handwriting recognition to OneNote for iOS.

This finally catches the iOS version of OneNote up to Android. The handwriting recognition, aka OCR, enables searching in handwritten notes.

Source: Microsoft

Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for the Mac

Artists often use expensive graphics tablets attached to a Mac to create works of art. An iPad app can now transform Apple's tablet into a decent substitute for the graphics tablet.

Astropad lets artists draw on the iPad and have it displayed in real-time on a Mac. The app doesn't offer graphics tools, instead allowing users to use their own preferred tools.

Source: Redmond Pie

Report: Jailbreaking the iPhone can brick the phone

A new proof of concept has been released that shows how a jailbreak tweak can permanently brick the iPhone. The author released the dangerous proof of concept tweak on his personal Cydia repository.

The dangerous tweak messes with the critical nvram of the iPhone, causing it to shut down, for good. The code was accompanied by a warning that the author cannot resurrect bricked phones. He claims he released the tweak to show how malicious hackers can easily kill jailbroken iPhones.

Source: iClarified

Office for iOS gets iCloud support

This week Microsoft added support for more cloud storage options to Office for iPhone and iPad. This includes the ability to work with iCloud, Apple's cloud service.

Microsoft is embracing the cloud in a big way, with support in Office for most major cloud services.

Source: ZDNet

Apple reported will use first public beta for iOS 8.3

Due to the success of the last public beta of OS X, Apple is rumored to be planning the first beta for upcoming versions of iOS. The rumor says that the upcoming iOS 8.3 release will follow a public beta to help squash bugs prior to launch.

If so, Apple will probably use its AppleSeed program to administer the public beta. This may very well happen given Apple's problems with iOS 8.0.

Source: OSnews

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