Top iOS news of the week: iPad leading tablet, phone market shrinks, Watch apps without iPhone

This week in iOS we heard that Apple is the top seller of tablets, saw proof that the smartphone market is shrinking globally, and Apple says no iPhone required for Watch apps.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple: Watch apps must be stand-alone

Apple has changed the rules for Watch developers with a mandate that they must work without an iPhone going forward. Apps have always required a connected iPhone to work but that's now changed. This means that Apple Watch apps must be self-contained and execute entirely on the Watch.

Source: Engadget


Apple sales drop and what that might mean

The latest results reported by Apple show that sales have dropped for the first quarter in a while. ZDNet has the full story and projects what this might mean for the big company.

Source: ZDNet

iPad Pro leading tablet


Tablet sales are dropping but the relatively new category of detachables is showing gains. That will probably not continue long but it has OEMs scrambling to produce models with a higher return. Numbers from IDC show that Apple's tablet is leading the pack. Given the Smart Keyboard the iPad Pro is a tablet that can also be a detachable model.

Smartphone market shrinks globally

Pundits are jumping on Apple for dropping iPhone sales but the truth is smartphone sales are dropping globally. ZDNet has the full story along with numbers that show just how far the market has dropped.

Source: ZDNet

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