Top iOS news of the week: Fitbit gone, freeing iMessages, Apple going to work

This week Apple pulled Fitbit from its online store, iMessages freed for switching, and the best onscreen keyboards for iOS 8 detailed.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Fitbit products pulled from Apple store

Apple is taking a strong stance against those not willing to play within its rules, and this week yanked all Fitbit products from the online store. This is likely in response to the Fitbit folks making a statement recently that it has no interest in working with Apple's HealthKit.

Bose products were recently pulled from all Apple stores as a result of the former's law suit against Beats, now part of Apple. That situation in combination with the Fitbit tiff sends a clear message to companies that they must play with Apple or pay the price.

Source: Slashgear

Best iOS 8 software keyboards

iOS kbd

A welcome feature of iOS 8 is the opening up of the onscreen keyboard to third party developers. They reacted swiftly, and a number of good keyboards are available for the iPhone and iPad.

ZDNet's Matt Miller took a few of them out for a spin, and shared the best of the lot. Those wondering which might work for them should take a look at Matt's collection.

Source: ZDNet

New tool from Apple frees iMessages when switching phones

iMessages tool

One of the most infuriating things confronting those who switch from the iPhone to other platforms was iMessages. Apple was locking them down and even when giving up the iPhone folks found their text messages were not released by iMessages.

That's finally a thing of the past with the tool released this week by Apple. It makes it straightforward to deregister iMessages from the email address to release text messages to the new phone.

Source: ZDNet

Apple hires sales team to bolster enterprise efforts

01 iPhone 6 Plus front

The alliance with IBM earlier this year shows how serious Apple is about getting into the enterprise. The fielding of a sales team dedicated to the enterprise effort bolsters the company's plans to hit the corporate world hard.

The new sales force will work on major corporations, and also with developers to get Apple's business offering up to speed.

Source: Reuters

iOS bug allows fake apps to be installed


Apple's mobile OS has always been thought to be secure from malicious attacks, but this week a breach was uncovered that exposes 95 percent of iOS device owners. The bug in iOS 7 and later has a hole that allows malicious hackers to install fake apps.

This bug is particularly nasty as it can affect not only jailbroken devices, but those not jailbroken and running stock iOS.

Source: CNET

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