Top iOS news of the week: Happy Apple Watch owners, iPad/Apple Watch planned purchases, 1970 bug back

This week in iOS we heard that a lot of Apple Watch owners plan to get the next version, saw a major iOS bug resurface, and heard that Apple Watch 2 component orders are being placed.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Most Apple Watch owners will buy next version

A survey of Apple Watch owners demonstrates how happy they are with the first version of the gadget. Over three-fifths of them plan to upgrade to the next version of the Apple Watch sight unseen.

Source: AppleInsider

Old iOS bug allows infection over Wi-Fi


Earlier this year security experts found you could brick an iOS device by setting the system date to January 1, 1970. Apple issued a fix to close this major bug. It seems the bug is back as other security researchers have demonstrated that it can use a rogue wi-if network to infect devices with the bug.

Source: ZDNet

Apple Watch 2 component orders rumored to be in progress

It's a good thing a lot of Apple Watch owners plan to get an upgrade as rumors show that component makers are getting orders from Apple. This is just a rumor but if true it shows Apple is gearing up to produce an upgraded version of the watch.

Source: AppleInsider


Report: iPad and Apple Watch popular planned purchases

A new report from Rocket Fuel shows that when it comes to planned purchases in mobile, the Apple Watch and iPad are high on the list. Ten percent of survey respondents planning to get a wearable will get an Apple Watch, leading the pack. and 24 percent of prospective tablet buyers will get an iPad.

Source: Appleworld Today

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