Top iOS news of the week: Hulu on the wrist, Apple owns all the profits, new iPod

This week came news that Apple gets almost all of the profits of the smartphone industry, a new iPod was released, and a new Hulu app was released.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple owns the smartphone industry

Forget market share, customer satisfaction statistics and the like. Apple gets 92 percent of the profits of the entire smartphone industry. Profits are what counts and this staggering percentage is why the company makes so many billions.

What's even more impressive is that Apple got the lion's share of profits while only shipping 18.3 percent of smartphones globally.

Source: Business Insider

Apple iPod gets refreshed

The iPod isn't going away yet as Apple shared a new model for the listening public. The new iPod looks much like an iPhone 6 without all the phone bits inside. The new iPad is more powerful and has other features appearing in the latest iPhone.

Sales of iPods have been dropping, no doubt due to all of the features existing in iPhones so we'll see if this new model makes a difference.

Source: ZDNet

Hulu turns Apple Watch into remote control

Streaming service Hulu updated its Apple Watch app to allow controlling playback on the wrist. Controls possible on the Apple Watch are play, pause, rewind 10 seconds, and caption control.

The app also lets Watch owners hand off control of Hulu to other devices, e. g. Chromecasts.

Source: iMore

Developers get beta 3 of iOS 9

In addition to the public beta of iOS 9 open to anyone, developers have their own beta program that lets them test new features. The third version of the beta has rolled out to them.

This new version is primarily performance and stability improvements.

Source: Phones Inc

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