Top iOS news of the week: Major Chrome update, iOS 8+ is unlockable, Facebook fixes the drain

This week in iOS we heard that iOS 8+ devices can't be unlocked by Apple, heard when the iPad Pro might be available, and Chrome got a big update on iOS.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple can't access newer encrypted iPhones

Apple told a judge that it was "impossible" to unlock newer encrypted iPhones, even if ordered to do so by law enforcement. The firm said this applied to any device running iOS 8 or later, which is 90 percent of them. It would be "technically feasible" to access the 10 percent of devices running older versions of the OS.

Source: Reuters

iPad Pro hitting stores in early November

A rumor has surfaced claiming the new iPad Pro will hit the stores in the first week of November. The 12.9-inch iPad was unveiled in September and this fits the typical timeframe for Apple availability. It would be expected for the Apple Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories to be available at the same time as the iPad Pro.

Source: iMore

Chrome gets multitasking for iPad

The Split View and SlideOver features, part of iOS 9 multitasking, are now supported by the Chrome browser. This will allow displaying Chrome onscreen with another app at the same time. Chrome also gets widget support, allowing opening a new tab or instigating a voice search from the notifications shade.

Source: ZDNet

Facebook fixes battery drain in the iOS app

The Facebook app was hitting the battery hard on iOS devices but no more according to the company. Background activity in Facebook was continuing to drain the battery even when the app wasn't running. That's been rectified in an update this week.

Source: ZDNet

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