Top iOS news of the week: Poor shooting, iOS 9 beta release, Apple online sales big

This week in iOS saw reports of Apple dominating online sales, iPhone 6 Plus blamed for poor basketball shooting, and the iOS 9 public beta was released.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Home sharing to return in iOS 9

Apple customers weren't happy when home sharing, the ability to share music with anyone on the same home network, was removed from iOS. This may have been done to prepare for the release of Apple Music.

Those upset should stand down as Apple has stated home sharing will return in iOS 9.

Source: Engadget

NBA star blames iPhone 6 Plus for low shooting percentage

Now we've heard everything about the "giant" phone from Apple. Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs as blamed his lower shooting percentage last year on tennis elbow he got from the iPhone 6 Plus.

Bonner said the phone is "way bigger" and caused a strain in his elbow that affected his shooting.

Source: CNET

iOS 9 public beta released

Those anxious to go hands on with the upcoming version of iOS 9 can now download and install it. The beta has just released so install it at your own risk.

This version of iOS introduces new features such as multitasking with two apps on screen at once.

Source: ZDNet

Apple accounts for 18 percent of all online global sales

A recent report outlined that a full 18 percent of all online sales globally are made with iPads and iPhones. Apple's share of browser-based purchases is even bigger at 64.1 percent when you combine iPhones and iPads.

This makes clear the importance for online retailers to make web stores and apps work well on iOS devices.

Source: Computerworld

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