Top iOS news of the week: Safari vs. Chrome, Apple employees may quit, new FBI witnesses

This week in iOS we continued to hear what Apple may show off next week, a last minute request by the FBI to call witnesses surprised Apple, and we heard that Safari is catching up to Chrome.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Last minute FBI request could mean poor case against Apple

Apple believes that a last minute request by the FBI to call new witnesses in its case against Apple means the case is not rock solid. The request for an evidentiary hearing means witnesses can be called by both sides in the battle to open a terrorist's phone.

Source: Computerworld


Safari catching up to Chrome for iOS browsing

Apple's Safari has long been trailing Chrome use for web browsing, especially on the iPhone. That may be changing according to a study by Adobe, finding that Safari usage jumped 34 percent last year while Chrome only increased 19 percent.

Source: TNW


Apple engineers may refuse to comply or quit if court orders them to make iPhone breakable

If the court case between the FBI and Apple over breaking into a terrorist's iPhone doesn't end well, Apple's encryption engineers may be in trouble. The NYT reports that the engineers say they will refuse to comply if ordered to create a backdoor into the iPhone, even if it means quitting Apple.

Source: NYT

What Apple may unveil next week

Apple will be having a major press event next week, and that means new products. What those might be only Apple knows, although rumors are all over the web. ZDNet has gathered the juiciest of the rumors and brought them together to see what you think we might see.

Source: ZDNet

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