Top iOS news of the week: truly unlocked iPhone, buggy software, Apple Watch

Apple doesn't attend the CES, but was in the news this week. Apple offers an unlocked iPhone, a theory behind the buggy software of late, and a CEO predicts Apple Watch will be a killer.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple releases unlocked iPhone without SIM

Removing the carrier from the purchase of a new phone is important to some buyers. It's not always easy to do, even when paying full price for the handset.

That's the way it was with the new iPhones until Apple provided a new option. Previously, buying an unlocked iPhone for full price without a contract got you a phone with a T-Mobile SIM card. This attached the iPhone to the carrier, confusing buyers.

The new purchase option comes unlocked and without a SIM. Buyers can take the new iPhone to any carrier they wish.

Source: Appleinsider

CEO predicts Apple Watch will kill the competition

As the time for the availability of the Apple Watch approaches, how well it will do in the market is not clear. But that's not the case for MailOnline North American CEO Jon Steinberg. In a recent statement on a CNBC show, Steinberg emphatically stated that the Apple Watch will "basically destroy all of these guys". He was referencing the OEMs making smartwatches that compete with Apple's upcoming product.

Steinberg is the former COO and president of Buzzfeed.

Source: Cultofmac

Apple going too fast results in buggy software

Last year was not a good year for iOS and OS X, with releases having major bugs. This has given long-time customers food for thought, as this hasn't happened consistently in the past.

Some are blaiming marketing at Apple for driving engineers to get flashy features into iOS and OS X before they are ready. This would fly in the face of Apple's philosophy.

An anonymous Apple software engineer says the bugs are a result of the shorter time between major OS versions. Programmers simply don't have time to get everything working properly.

Source: TUAW

New iBridge adds external storage to iOS devices

Android enthusiasts have long thumbed their noses at the lack of external storage on the iPhone and iPad. That may change with the introduction of the iBridge from Leef.

This curved little device plugs into a lightning port and adds up to 256GB of storage to the device. This memory can be used for backing up the device, among other functions.

Source: MacDailyNews

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