Top iOS news of the week: WhatsApp calling, malware, haptic

In the world of iOS this week was news about a hack the causes endless reboot cycles, a patent that uses haptic technology to simulate textures on a device, and you can now make free calls with WhatsApp.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

WhatsApp enables voice calling on iOS

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has an update that allows users to make voice calls within the app. Phone calls are made using the internet connection, bypassing the user's carrier.

WhatsApp calls are free anywhere in the world.

Source: TNW

Wi-Fi hack sends iOS devices into endless reboot cycle

A rogue Wi-Fi hack exploits iOS 8 and can disable iPhones and iPads. The malware sends the device into an endless reboot cycle. Disconnecting from the malicious Wi-Fi attack is difficult as the iOS device doesn't allow interaction by the user during the repeated rebooting.

Apple has included changes in iOS 8.3 that mitigates the exposure to the malware so it's important to upgrade your iPhones and iPads.

Source: Art Tecnica

More Apple Watch instructional videos posted by the company

Apple Watches began shipping this week and to get buyers ready for them Apple has published a number of instructional videos online. This brings the current total of such videos to 10.

Apple is making sure that buyers of this new technology are ready to take advantage of the Apple Watch. It appears Apple may be concerned that owners may be overwhelmed given the differences betwee the watch and other Apple products.

Source: Apple

Apple patent uses haptic feedback to simulate different materials

The folks in Cupertino seem to be going all-in with haptic feedback, now using it on the Apple Watch and MacBook trackpad. Such feedback can provide different vibrations on devices that are uniquely identifiable to users.

A new patent takes that further by using haptic feedback in a way that can simulate different surface textures. It's not known if Apple will actually use this technology in products but given its focus on using haptic feedback it wouldn't be surprising if it did.

Source: Appleinsider

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